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The Apprentice Sheriff episode #11 - 1 of 6 pages

Thanks Chawin' Charlie.....I remember this scraggly-lookin' cowboy vest that keeps reappearing from one episode to another.....especially if there is an episode that features a group of bad guys, or range hands who hang around the saloon a lot, drink, and scheme against Lucas, or Micah, or the Bank, or trying to take over the town, etc.

Mark and Lucas live 3-5 miles out of town. In the episode Seven you hear Mark say "On horse, that's about an hour's ride into town." Mark usually rides his horse to school, then rides it home again. In The Apprentice Sherriff, Lucas takes Mark to school in the buckboard. He tells Mark that if he wants' to wait around, he'd come pick him up around 4. Does that mean that he would walk home the 3-5 miles when his father brings him in? Thanks Michelle Palmer!

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