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The Apprentice Sheriff episode #11 - 3 of 6 pages

In the beginning of this episode, Willard said that Dan had always thought a great deal of Lucas...Well...this was only epsiode # 11, so I assumed that they knew each other from back in Oklahoma (you know how mobile Lucas's friends and enemies were...) but then Lucas asked him how he got "Out here" so it's apparent that they met when Lucas moved to North Fork... So what does "always" mean? That he knew of the legend of The Rifleman? Thanks Michelle!

I always thought that they (writers) seemed to give the impression the McCain's had lived in North Fork a lot longer than they actually had. This was just one example of that. Remember in Safe Guard when the Judge goes to visit Lucas and states that so many people follow his lead? and the Judge also states that he remembers back to when Lucas and Mark arrived that day of the turkey shoot...makes it sound like it was a long time ago, but this was episode 8.... Thanks velewis!

How could Dan Willard get that poster about guns made up so fast. It seemed like in no time he had a printed sign made up for the non residents of North Fork. Even if he had a printer do it wouldn't it take some time? It would be more believable if it were hand written like in Anvil Chorus. Thanks markisddg!

The shot of the silhouetted Lucas and Mark riding on the backboard at the beginning originally appeared in The Apprentice Sheriff. Thanks Ann Marie!

Notice the banister that is attached to the saloon. I've never seen this before in any of the other episodes. Cowgirl!

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