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In a wide shot, Lucas enters the store, gets an apple from the barrel and takes a bite out of it. Then a second later, they show a close up of Lucas. If you look at the apple now in this close up, there’s at least 3 bites out of it! The apple is now shaped like the top of a hexagon (but with concave sides)! Thanks Ann Marie!

Reed Whip — If you look really closely during Season 1, you'll see a reed whip in the front of the McCain buckboard in a few episodes. Thanks Ann Marie!

After Dan hammers the notice on the saloon exterior wall, he walks away and turns around. Sandy says, “Marshall,” and pauses. If you look near the top right corner, a boom mike shadow moves from right to left, disappearing in the saloon’s support beam shadow. Thanks Ann Marie!

In the scene after Dan gets beat up by Sandy, Lucas, Dan and Charlie Willard go back to Micah's office. On the left while Dan is still in the office we can see an over stuffed black cushioned chair. After Dan leaves the office we see a hard chair behind Lucas. I wonder what made LGL / whoever decide to change the chairs? Even the clipboards are in a different location. Cowgirl!

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