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The Apprentice Sheriff episode #11 - 6 of 6 pages

After Dan gets into the fight in the saloon, he, Lucas, and Dan’s father Charlie are in the Marshall’s Office. Lucas is drinking out of a coffee cup. At first, the handle is in his right hand. But after Charlie says, “Hard as a pine board knot,” now the handle is in Lucas’ left hand. (Even though you can’t actually see the handle in the picture on the right, look at the position of his left hand. You can tell his left hand is now around the handle.) And when Lucas gets up and stands next to Charlie, his hands really dwarf that coffee mug. And Charlie too!

Also, compare Lucas’ hair before and after Charlie says the line, “Hard as a pine board knot.” It’s combed a little bit differently. Thanks Ann Marie!

Duel of Honor / The Apprentice Sheriff — “Rooms With Meals” are painted directly on the hotel, right above the support beams. Also, notice how the regular hotel sign is to the right in Duel Of Honor. But in The Apprentice Sheriff, the word “Hotel” is also painted directly onto the hotel—not a separate sign. Thanks Ann Marie!

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