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The Assailants episode #149 - 1 of 3 pages

Did you notice that when Nils enters Micah office to attend the Cattlemen Association's Meeting, he closes the door behind him (camera angle, outside). Then when Nils is taking his seat and Lucas is addressing the members, the door is wide open (camera angle, inside). Thanks Deanne Bertram!

Did you notice......Lucas tells Mark to bring the buckboard around to the Marshal's office then Lucas goes and talks to Micah. Lucas makes a decision to take a few men and go out to meet the senator. In the meantime Mark brings around the buckboard and stops in front of the telegraph office where Micah is being detained. Lucas never told Mark he was leaving town....I guess it was one time he forgot about his son after all when Lucas left he had no idea the town was being taken over by the assailants.
Thanks markisddg!

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