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(a) We have talked about the geographical location of North Fork, but we get some clues in this episode. Wood says he as followed his wife and give a bit of a travelogue - Santa Fe, Albuquerque, and Socorro. If you trace those locations out, Wood is heading into southwestern NM - so I submit that North Fork is somewhere in the SW portion of the state.
(b) During the fight at the end, Mark's face is dirty in long shots (with soot from the smokehouse) but clean in close-ups - and there are different people standing behind him in long shots and in close shots. Thanks Renewed Fan!

Leona Pickford Bartell suggests that Lucas could keep Fancy out at his place to hide it from the father. Lucas objects. "I don't know anything about babies!" And what was Mark when he was born? Later the baby is crying and Mark wants to give her a bottle. 'She's already had two' says Lucas. 'Well maybe she wants three,' says Mark. Doubtful, Lucas says, 'All right, but I'm afraid her deck's gonna be awash.'
LOL. Guess that's what they call the poop deck. Thanks rooster davis!

There seems to be some confusion as to the events surrounding Mark's birth. In the episode Six Years and a Day, Lucas tells Mark he waited and waited for Mark to be born and Margaret almost died. In The Babysitter, Lucas tells Mark he comes back to the ranch house to find Mark has already been born. Thanks Caryl T!

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