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I was watching The Baby Sitter the other day and I couldn't help but thinking of what an odd couple Leona Pickford Bartell and Wood Bartell made. I can't imagine this!

Leona told Lucas everything. "I was singing in a place down Fort Worth. Same kind of an act I'm doing here. He came in kind, big and brawny, but quiet and clean. Talked real soft to me. He talked about loneliness, about love, family, work and devotion. He talked about everything except what was on his mind. To confer salvation on what he thought was about the worst kind of a woman he could dig up. Then when the baby came, he decided she was the one that needed to be saved. I decided the only kind of savin' we needed was from him. So I ran. I got as far as here and ran out of money. Now he's come to take my little girl."

I can't image Wood Bartell could sweep anyone off their feet, let alone talking sweet to her. This was not a match made in heaven.

Another thing, Leona & Lucas kissin' cousins????? That sure was some kiss for cousins. I think, not sure, maybe hillbillies / kissin' cousins acted that way, but I think that was more than relatives kissing each other.....

I wonder how they directed that scene?

The Baby Sitter air date was December 15, 1959. We met Fancy who is play by Bob Archer, although Fancy was in reality a girl. Not sure how old Bob Archer (Fancy) was at the time, but.....
Face of Yesterday air date was January 31, 1961. The baby in the picture was suppose to be a younger Simon Lee.
That's almost two years difference when both these episodes aired.

Could Bob Archer had been the baby in Face of Yesterday? They must have touched this picture up or the person when it came to Mrs. Simon Lee. So did the do this to the baby also? In Face of Yesterday, the baby is a bit older. Cowgirl!

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