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The Baby Sitter episode #52 - 4 of 4 pages

Lucas questioned Elizabeth, the clerk at the hotel, about Leona Bartell. She said there was a Leona Pickford. She gave Lucas her room number. If you look on the door to Leona's hotel room there is no number. Cowgirl!

It appears that Lucas puts Fancy's diaper on upside down. With a triangle diaper, the long straight edge of the diaper goes behind the baby's back, toward the baby's head. You bring the 3 points of the diaper around the front of the baby & pin them together. Lucas puts the diaper behind the baby's back, with a point toward her head and the long straight edge toward her feet. Thanks Ava!

I tried to capture this scene but I couldn't. When Lucas flips the diaper & puts the diaper under Fancy, the camera doesn't catch that part. You can see it real good if you watch the episode.  Cowgirl!

The Baby Sitter ― Again!

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