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Do you know who the stunt doubles were for Lucas and for Baranca?

As Lucas and Mark walk to the doctor's office, we see the Marshall's office is right across the street from the doctor's. So when Lucas opens the door to the doctor's office, shouldn't we see some part of the side of the Marshall's office behind them instead of the really fake looking background? Thanks Ann Marie!

This is just a sample of the different types of curtains that was in The North Fork Saloon.
If you happen to find a different combination of curtains, I would be glad to add them to this page.

In Baranca Micah is riding out of town and I know it's not Paul Fix.

I wonder just how often that was Paul Fix when they showed Micah on a horse. He is riding to the ranch very fast and they shoot it from far far away. It seems that the only time you saw Paul Fix on a horse was when it was standing still like in Bloodlines. Thanks markisddg!

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