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Baranca episode #82 - 2 of 2 pages

Robert Drew "Bob" Morgan was Baranca's Double and Fritz Ford was Chuck Connors double.
Fritz double for Chuck several times. Cowgirl!

At the end of this episode, Baranca rode up to Lucas & Mark to say goodbye and then then rode away. Mark asked: “Pa, he seems like a good man. Why would he want to kill Mr. Hadley without a trial?”
“He is a good man, son,” Lucas answered. “When he came here, he thought he wanted revenge. Because he’s a good man, he knew that what he really wanted was justice.”

   “Say…um…you think you can get a peppermint stick by that tooth now?” Lucas asked him.
Mark’s eyes grew wide and he pushed passed Lucas. “Oh boy!” he shouted as he ran toward the General store.  Lucas laughed as him watched him run to the store.
In the original script as Lucas & Mark watch Baranca ride away, the camera zooms in on Lucas & Mark. Mark looks at Lucas. He realizes that a great man is leaving town but an even greater man stands by his side. He looks back at Baranca.  "Pa...when can I start studying Spanish in school...?" Cowgirl!

*Morgan was very severely injured and nearly died while performing a stunt during the shooting of How the West Was Won (1962). During the filming of a gunfight that takes place on a moving railroad flatcar loaded with logs, one of the chains that held the logs snapped, and Morgan was crushed by the falling timber and lost a leg. It took him five years to recover from his injuries. His wife, actress Yvonne De Carlo, put her career on hold in order to nurse him back to health.

In Baranca & The Guest, the white stallion is the same horse & his name is Sheik. He guest starred (as far as I'm concerned, horses can be guest stars just like people can & should be credited for their appearance) in six episodes of Bonanza, my favorite of which is "A Knight To Remember", where he guest starred as King Arthur's horse. Thanks flabirder!

This part never made it into this episode.
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