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Micah said he was married to Elizabeth Cook, the prettiest girl in Montana Territory.
In Guilty Conscience episode #137 ó Lucas asked Micah what he knew about woman..... "Enough to have stayed single," said Micah.
Maybe he meant enough to stay single since Elizabeth passed away. Cowgirl!

Blood Brother episode #35 ó Lucas and Mark take the dying Stoddard to the doc's office. Mark comes in and wants to stay. Lucas hesitates, then says something like, "well, dying is a natural part of life so you can stay". Problem: there have been about 57 killings so far in the series (plus some natural causes deaths, like the death of the judge in Eight Hours To Die). Mark has witnessed probably half of these killings. So, why is Lucas hesitant to let Mark stay? It is not like it is the first time Mark has seen someone die. It probably is not even the 30th time Mark has seen someone die. This seems to be a bit of a scriptwriter's idea - it sounded nice to have Lucas say it, but the reality is that the whole exchange is not rational. Thanks Renewed Fan!

(1) Micah says that "thirty years ago" in Montana, he got married and had a farm - - thirty years before was the early 1850's, when Montana was not inhabited by anyone but Indians and a few trappers/fur traders in the 1850's. Bannock, which is a town referenced by Micah, was founded in the 1860's.
(2) Micah's story reminds me a WHOLE lot of the account Lucas tells in Old Man Running about the death of Margaret.
(3)I do not know that vigilantes were ever, strictly speaking, "legal" in the West, and Lucas' favorable attitude toward them seems a bit out of character. (4) When Stoddard is being treated by Doc Burrage, Mark comes in and asks to be allowed to stay. Lucas says something like "being born and dying are natural" and decides to let Mark stay. . . question: how many folks has Mark seen Lucas kill already? 30, maybe? So, he should be pretty used to it. What is the big deal about him being in the room? Thanks Renewed Fan!

In Blood Brother you can see stock footage of Lucas and Mark riding away from home.
You can see the difference in their clothes. Thanks Gloria Fortner!

When we first meet Mr. Jethroe he is addressed by one of his vigilante brothers. Then we see Mark and Lucas ride up. Lucas introduces himself as McCain but Jethroe never says his name he is from the Peoples Committee from Talbot City. When Lucas rides into town he calls him Mr. Jethroe but he didn't know his name. One of the party tells the Doc his name is Jethroe but Lucas hasn't arrived yet. Thanks Markisddg!

Micah comes in Doc's office and sees it's Stoddard and tells the Doc to let him die and leaves. Lucas attempts to follow Micah but Doc tells Lucas he needs him for a blood transfusion. Later Lucas goes to see Micah and Micah states "You wasted your blood Lucas and that's too bad.
How did Micah know Lucas gave blood to Stoddard he left before it was mentioned and stayed in his office. Thanks Markisddg!

Isnít it kind of odd that all the shots of Lucas giving blood are either extremely close up or far away? Thereís nothing indecent about us seeing him with his shirt off! ;) So, at first I thought, well, they canít actually show Lucas giving blood. No way to make it just appear real, maybe? However, now I think itís because they didnít want to reveal the fact that the corduroy shirt actually was an adult onesie. Itíd be really weird to see his shirt open, one sleeve still on. Weíd be saying, since when is he that modest? Heíll work outside without the shirt, but to donate blood he keeps it half onóin the doctorís office, no less? Also, I think itís strange heís sitting up while giving blood. Every other timeóin shows and in real lifeóthe donor is always lying down. At least thatís what Iíve always witnessed. Thanks Ann Marie!

When Lucas is pouring himself some coffee in Micah's office.....after he says.... "he's (Dr) taking the bullet out looks like clear water......oops! Thanks wildwest!

*You have to watch this scene closely to get the get the full effect of this blooper.

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