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Blood Brother episode #35 - 3 of 7 pages

When Micah backs up in the Marshall’s Office and says, “Oh, I’m not like you,” there’s a crazy shadow on Micah’s face and shoulder for a couple of seconds. What is that?

In the wide shot, while Lucas is giving blood, there’s a towel on Stoddard’s shirt. In Stoddard’s close up, we see the bandage under his shirt—but no towel over his shirt. There’s one next to his head, on top of the pillow. Also, in the wide shot, the head of the bed is against the wall on our right. But the bed isn’t against the wall in the close up.

Mark was with Lucas the whole time he donated blood. Then there’s that short scene with the People’s Committee figuring out which road to take. So, after that, why does Lucas exit and run into Mark—who’s outside—and tell him to wait by the building next to the Marshall’s? When did Mark leave by himself?
Thanks Ann Marie for this page of bloopers!

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