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Blood Brother episode #35 - 4 of 7 pages

It appears that there is something small in Lucas’ front shirt pocket when he is talking to Mr. Jethroe right in front of Doc Burrage’s office. It looks like a small rectangle. But when Lucas enters just a little bit later, I think it’s gone. Then he goes over to the Marshall’s Office. The pockets appear to be empty. After Micah tosses the Marshall’s badge on the floor and storms out, Lucas picks it up and puts it in his left shirt pocket. Assumedly that was the only thing in there at that point. When the camera angle changes to show Lucas exiting the Marshall’s office, there is that rectangular shaped thing again. The star isn’t shaped like that. Also, there’s something in that right shirt pocket, possibly resembling a cheap lighter. You can see the lighter as he is talking to Mr. Hannabury and both are walking towards the saloon. Then they both go into the saloon. Now the pack of cigarettes—or whatever—has moved to his right front shirt pocket. Why? Because with the blocking, it would look better for Lucas to take the Marshall’s badge out of his left shirt pocket. It would have been funny for him to take everything out of the left pocket, one by one, and say, “I know it’s in here somewhere” but not good for the story.  Thanks Ann Marie!

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