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While Lucas tells the people’s committee where Stoddard is, you can see Jethroe’s hat and suit jacket look relatively clean. Lucas and Mark don’t get far out of North Fork before they meet Jethroe and the other two men. So how come Jethroe’s hat is really dirty by the time he talks to Dr. Burrage?

When Micah removes the Marshall’s badge from his vest, he’d naturally have the front facing out, towards Lucas. But in the Lucas’ close ups, while Micah says, “You heard what I said, take it!” the badge’s front faces the camera. For that to be possible, Micah would have had to flip it around. If you’re TV set is big enough—or if you can zoom in—you can clearly see “Marshall” in all capital letters in the left-hand photo. Also, two different stars were used. Notice in the photo on the left, the star’s points are rounded off. They’re sharp in the photo on the right.

Thanks Ann Marie for this page of bloopers!

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