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Bloodlines episode #42 - 2 of 2 pages

There is a scene where Lucas and Micah riding through a meadow while looking for the Malakie Clan. They both had white shirts on throughout the show...except...right after that scene in the meadow, Lucas had on a dark colored shirt. Lucas went back to wearing his white shirt in the next scene. The shirt is a different color. The difference  is not due to lighting. Take a look and see what you think. Thanks Pete!

Typo on the credits - The list Rhys Williams in the role of "Dac Burrage"?
Still a really good episode and Buddy Hackett did a good job playing a role out of his normal character. Thanks rooster davis!

I think Johnny Crawford's scene.....when he thinks it is his Pa that has been killed is awesome. He did a great job on this one! Did anyone else notice that when Lucas and Micah enter the bar and Micah shots off his shotgun, Lucas actually flinched? I thought they put the loud sounds in later so I was surprised to see this reaction. I don't remember seeing his flinching any other time and there were lots of gunfights! Thanks Renewed Fan!

(a) The ranch has moved again. Now it is north of town! (b) Lucas fires ten shots outside the mine then reloads at the mine door with Micah (wow! they actually get the number of shots right!). Then, after entering the mine, he fires about 16 shots without reloading. Thanks Renewed Fan!

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