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The Blowout episode #43 - 2 of 4

When Lucas first gets off the stage and is talking to Ben, you can see a bulge in his pocket that looks like a pack of cigarettes (left). In the middle pictures you see no bulge/cigarettes. The picture on the right, if you look at Lucas' pocket, just at the top, it looks like the is something in his pocket, but you can only see a little of it. (You have to look real close)

 Did Chuck smoke cigarettes or did he strictly stick to cigars? Thanks Michelle!

Chuck smoked both Michelle. Cowgirl!

When Lucas goes into the saloon to talk to Al Walker, it is noisy and people are yelling, but when Lucas sits down to talk, the noise disappears. When he gets up to leave, the noise starts back up again.
Thanks Gloria Fortner!

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