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In this episode Sid Fallon pulls a switch-blade knife on Lucas and others..... If Wikipedia is correct, the first really practical push-button operated switchblade knife was patented in 1892 and went into production the next year - a bit late for it to have been around in Rifleman days. Thanks rooster!

Switchblade Knife

In the beginning we Sid Fallon and his gang forced to leave town?  What town was this?

Even the saloon doesn't have a name except for 'Saloon' but it sure looks like the North Fork Saloon.....
In the beginning of this episode you hear Barney the Barber asked Julia if John Hamilton had tried her food yet.
 I thought at a boarding house only the people that stayed there ate there.  
How would you know who was coming to dinner unless you had to make reservations?

Mark says to Agnes Hamilton that Lucas had to beat it into him to not waste food. In Three Legged Terror Mark tell Johnny (Dennis Hopper) that Lucas never beats him. Thanks Ann Marie!

Blacksmith sign — The shootout scene near the end of The Safeguard was the only episode where you see the sign as part of the North Fork set and part of a scene—visuals accompanied by actors speaking dialogue. (There was stock footage in many episodes where you could see this sign, but it was very brief.) Then during the very last scene, the blacksmith sign is the one we usually see.
Here are a few examples of when this different Blacksmith sign could be seen briefly in the background of a North Fork exterior shot. In The Gaucho, this shot is between Mark blowing out the oil lamp and Mark watching Manolo throwing the bolos at the crate. In The Boarding House, it’s a little bit after the beginning of the episode, at the start of the second scene. Right before we see Julia walking outside the businesses of North Fork. Thanks Ann Marie!

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