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The Boarding House episode #22 - 5 of 7 pages

After the opening scene and title screen, we see a stock town exterior shot. The horsehead Blacksmith sign is on the livery stable. After the scene starts, however, behind Julia we see the usual Blacksmith signówith just the text and no horsehead.
Also, notice in the stock shot, thatís Lucas and Mark in the boxed area, riding out of town. Problem is, after Julia talks to the barber and the Hamiltonís, Lucas and Mark are riding into town! Itís like they forgot something and had to come back! Thanks Ann Marie!

 The Blacksmith Signs in The Safe GuardThe Gaucho.

When Micah and John Hamilton enter Juliaís kitchen, there are four chairs around the table. But right before Sid and Steve enter from the backdoor, thereís only two chairs near the table. They were probably moved so no one tripped during the knife fight.
Thanks Ann Marie!

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