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On the kitchen wall, notice the skillet is hanging lower in Outlaw’s Inheritance—the photo on the left—than it is in the next episode, 'The Boomerang,' on the right. We see the bottom edge of the pan is just about even with the side door’s sliding lock in the photo on the left. In the photo on the right, it looks like the bottom edge is about six inches higher. Thanks Ann Marie!

In the last scene, Mark is standing on the buckboard, in the back, behind Lucas and John Hamilton, Tim Elder walks toward the three of them. They cut to a closer half shot of all four. Now Mark is much closer to Lucas and John. All you see of Mark is his head! Thanks Ann Marie!

In the last scene of Boomerang, there is a blooper - Johnny Crawford almost falls down when the buckboard starts moving.
 Thanks Renewed Fan!

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