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Lucas shoots all the cans off the fence top. Then Mark sets them up again. Lucas reloads the rifle before giving it to Tim. Tim fired a total of six shots—one for each can. During Tim’s last shot—he is in profile view at this time—we don’t see a shell eject. In both frames, you can see his right hand is just about in the same position, bringing the level down towards the ground. So each time a shell should eject.

Then when just Lucas and Tim are out there—and Tim’s trying to shoot the cans, the first time Tim is crouched down, he fires 5 shots. We see shells eject. Lucas starts to reload the rifle. But when Tim stands up and shoots and then crouches down again, we don’t see any shells eject, but we do see Tim moving the lever for most of the shots—which should eject the shell, if there’s one to eject.

I know it’s hard to see in this second photo, but I did get a capture of Tim moving the rifle’s lever—and yet there’s no shell flying around him.
Thanks Ann Marie for this page of bloopers!

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