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During Tim’s first shooting session—when Mark is also present—put the episode into slow motion—if you can. While Tim shoots, notice that the center and two right-hand cans are actually full. Some of the contents spill out upon the bullets’ impact—captured in the boxed area.

Then watch during the second session—with just Lucas and Tim. Notice while they are crouched down, Tim hits three full cans. Remember, in The Boarding House and The Deserter, Lucas and Mark mention about not wasting food. So was this how they opened the cans?????

The footage of John Hamilton shooting Tim Elder’s hat—that was not filmed on the North Fork town set. There’s lot of open area around the top of that building. Also, there’s no building in the town like that. (The livery stable doesn’t have a window right under the peak like this barn does.) There’s some hills in the background, too. Could it have been shot at the McCain ranch—and the building peak we see is the McCain barn? Thanks Ann Marie for this page of bloopers!

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