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The Brother-in-law episode #5 - 2 of 12 pages

In the beginning you can see & hear Archie cheering on Lucas.
As far as I know this episode is the only one that he has a speaking role. Cowgirl!

I wanted to let you know that you finally ended a mystery for us re: someone we noticed years ago on The Big Valley (my real passion) who appeared continuously in nonspeaking, character type roles. He is one of the main reasons, other than the producers, who made us realize that these two shows were intertwined, but we just couldn't find any information on him. The Virtual Valley site, which I've been on for years, hasn't picked up on him yet, at least I've never found any info. We were so glad to find him on your site and wanted to write to you sooner about Archie Butler. We enjoy looking for him and really get a bang how they often have him in two shots in the same scene. For instance, in 'The Brother-in-law' episode #5—when Uncle Johnny is riding the bronc, Archie is the wrangler holding the horse before he blasts off. Cut to the cowboys sitting on the fence, and there is Archie clapping. Thanks Charlene F.!

It is so neat to see that Charlene F. noticed Archie. Archie was on all those shows back then, you just need to look in the background. Sadly he went unaccredited for all his work. Arnold Laven speaks very highly of him. Cowgirl!

The clapping of the cowhands for Johnnie riding Duster and also riding Lucifer looked like the same stock footage. Thanks wildwest!

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