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Did anyone notice there was a blooper in the breaking of "Duster"?
Duster was a sorrel to start out with when Chuck was riding then was a dark black horse when Johnny Gibbs finished riding him. Thanks Lu Young!

It also looked like the same black horse that was Lucifer in the last part of the episode. Leave to me to catch the horse bloopers! Well a nice acting job that Chuck did and I loved his eyes when he was confronting Johnny Gibbs. Wow he was great! Thanks Lu Young!

The horse Lucas and Johnny are breaking is called Duster. We never hear about Duster ever again.
Thanks Ann Marie!

During the last scene, how come Blueboy’s snout isn’t lighter? I know this sounds really, really, crazy, but I think Blueboy’s wearing some horse makeup! If you look very carefully, you will see that the shade of his snout doesn’t quite match the rest of him. It’s just a bit light. Also, isn’t it funny that Johnny Gibbs was supposed to be breaking Duster for Mark—a much lighter colored horse—and yet Mark already has Blueboy in this episode?
Thanks Ann Marie!

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