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The Brother-in-law episode #5 - 4 of 12 pages

One time Micah is wearing a left-holster gun (when sweeping sidewalk in front of his office went Luke comes to town to talk to him). Then later Micah is wearing a right-holstered gun (when he comes to the ranch to tell Luke he'll meet up with him and the bad brother down the road after the bronc ride event).

The second holster (on the right side) is what got my attention because he was using his left hand to hold the reins of his horse and favoring his right hand, so I thought if funny that he'd be "packin'" his six-shooter on the same side as his bad hand? Then when I backed up to earlier in the show & that's when I saw it was holstered on his left side in town.) Thanks KC!

When Lucas rides into town to talk to Micah the back of his shirt appears to be clean and dry. When he swings up on Razor to ride off…his shirt is noticeably wet or sweaty in the back even around the back collar. Thanks wildwest!

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