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The Brother-in-law episode #5 - 7 of 12 pages

Here you can see the refection of the sun shining off of a window of a moving car. While watching this episode you can see the car moving from the top to bottom. Thanks Pete & Rob!

There are two cars that travel behind Johnny Gibbs in the opening scene. (The one that Pete and Rob found is #2.) The first one is just a little bit before, as the music swells and we only see it for a second. This is while Johnny is pointing the gun at the men. In that brief second, you do see it moveóso it has to be a different car filmed at a different time while the sun was at a different angle because the reflection is significantly brighter. While Johnny is talking to the men, the second car starts at exactly the same point #1 did. But the reflection isnít so bright. Thanks Ann Marie!

Did ya'll notice he jumped on Razor without using the stirrups again when he was done talking to Micah?
Thanks Lu Young!

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