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The Bullet episode #163

Lucas signs the hotel register the signature above his is J. Levy - Drummer - P. Springs. I would guess that this is an inside joke for producer Jules Levy. -  P. Springs, I'm sure refers to Palm Springs. Thanks Sally!

Lucas cocks his rifle after already doing so: he would have ejected a live round. Thanks Rob!

Watched one last night about the ballistics and fingerprints. Good episode. The Bullet has a double blooper right at the beginning. When Lucas broke up the party. It started by fast cocking the rifle and shooting Harry. Then he did the complete rotation and cocked the rifle again and this time it didn't fire. Then he told Richard to dig up the buried guy and swung the rifle down and cocked it again. Enough time must have elapsed between shooting the scenes they forgot what they did. The editor couldn't take it out because then the story would have been short. Thanks Bob!

After watching the episode The Bullet it impressed me as an attempt to create a spin-off series. By the time The Bullet was made, the producers/writers/directors for The Rifleman clearly knew that the show was about to end.
They created an interesting character (a lawman who uses science and his brains to solve crimes in the old west) with a side-kick, then had an episode in which Lucas McCain was basically the guest star to introduce the new characters. Note that the focus of the episode (and of the camera!) is usually on the sheriff, not on Lucas. Obviously, while the concept was interesting, the idea did not "take". Thoughts? Thanks Renewed Fan!

When the Los Cruces marshal fires his gun into the hay bales we see smoke, but when Lucas fires his rifle we don’t see any smoke. Or a shell eject. Thanks Ann Marie!

The hotel Lucas checks into in Los Cruces was the North Fork hotel with the front desk turned 90 degrees to the left, and the lobby’s furniture either moved around or replaced. So how can you tell? The wallpaper’s the same and stairs are in the same location as Lou’s hotel. Kind of hard to change either of those for one episode, to make it seem like they are in a different location. Thanks Ann Marie!

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