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In the beginning of the episode, the window appears to be intact.

After Jake exits the store for the gunfight, the Professor and Davey are standing by the store’s window. You can see some light reflecting off the jagged edges of a broken window pane. When was this window broken? Earlier in the episode, when the shooting starts in the general store, we see Lucas and John Hamilton out in the street. They are reacting to the shots, but not ducking, like they thought the bullets were headed in their direction. We never hear glass break. Then we see Jake shooting the cans on the shelves behind the store’s counter. That wall is opposite the windows. So I am wondering if perhaps that window was broken in either another Rifleman episode or another series that used the set (Wanted Dead Or Alive, for example) and they couldn’t get it repaired in time to film the rest of this episode. Thanks Ann Marie! 

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