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The Clarence Bibs Story episode #104 - 1 of 2 pages

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Clarence is talking with Milly and over his shoulder is a sign, hanging on the wall, for Wang Chi's laundry service, yet The Queue isn't for six more episodes. Cowgirl!
When they wrote the episode, The Queue, maybe the writer's just decided to use this name after the sign already in the window, or was The Queue suppose to air before The Clarence Bibs Story and they switched the airing dates on the episodes?

 ♫ Joe E. Benson would filled in for Sweeney the bartender from time to time.
In this episode Lucas calls him 'Benson.' 

Joe E. Benson was not given credit for his role in this episode.
Did Lucas just call him by name or was it a blooper? Cowgirl!

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