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The Clarence Bibs Story episode #104 - 2 of 2 pages

Lucas and George Tanner go over to the saloon and each order a beer. After Reade and Wicks finish talking to Clarence, the camera angle switches to Lucas and George, now with their beers. We don’t see Joe Benson —who was the bartender — bring them over. Thanks Ann Marie!

If you watch Benson after Lucas orders the two beers you see him standing behind Wicks (Cleef), Clarence (Hackett) & Reade (Milford). Then suddenly Benson stoops down behind the bar. I can’t help but wonder if they had him hide behind the bar.

You know Benson is hiding because at one point you do see him move. I wonder if they thought because we don’t see him that the director (?) thought that we would think he was delivering the beers for the next scene. Archie Butler is setting at the table across from Lucas & Tanner, I bet Archie moved those beers unto their table. If you watch this scene you can see Joe Benson bobbing up & down. Cowgirl!

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