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In the beginning scene when Micah is sketching glasses, the camera starts pulling back, thru a paned window. Watch the upper left corner and you can see what appears to be a reflection of a person, wearing light clothing. Thanks Charlene F.!

In Stranger at Night Micah lived in a house. In Closer than a Brother Micah took a room at he had taken an attic room out at Mrs. Rington's. In Guilty ConscienceThe Day a Town Slept Micah lived in an apartment. Cowgirl!

In Closer Than A Brother, in the Bible scene, after Lucas quotes Proverbs 18:24, Thad points out that in the New Book, St. John said a man has no greater love than one who lays his life down for his friends.
First, New Book...this may not be a blooper, this may just be how language worked back then, but I'm thinking he meant New Testament...both Old and New Testaments being comprised of several "books".
Now for the actual blooper. I recognized what he was referring to and just looked it up. He's referring to John 15:13

Quote: Greater love has no one than this, that someone lay down his life for his friends.
(John 15:13 ESV)

Now, I use the ESV (English Standard Version) which I understand wasn't around back then...I think they would have used the KJV (King James Version) but I'm pretty sure both versions would have similar wording, as well as just exactly who said it.
If you look at the context, and what I did was start reading from the beginning of the chapter, well it *was* in the book of John, but John was quoting a speech made by Jesus. A speech in which appeared verse 13 that Thad paraphrased. Thanks TooYoungForRifleman!

Lucas goes to see Ansel Bain in Dillsville: Here we see Ansel holding a gun on Lucas. Look at his sleeve, you see he has a shirt on but in the main where Lucas first walks into the saloon he has a suit jacket on. Also you can clearly see that his pants on the left are jeans but we can see he has a suit on. The picture on the right shoes suit pants. Cowgirl!

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