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In the scene just after Lucas tries to have a shootout in the street, he mounts his horse from the right side (which has been mentioned before) and rides away. Then Micah and Lou talk in front of the hotel. The funny thing is that Lucas doesn't quite manage to get all the way out of the shot.

You also can see Lucas & Mark just sitting there on their horses in A Friend In Need. Waiting for their part to come up. After Micah goes out the door, then you see then come riding up rapidly like they just rode into town!!!

Don't you just like it when Mark explains he walked away from the horses to that location because of the shade, and he was still in the full sun??? Thanks Deanne!

Lucas wasn't wearing his wedding ring any longer. Have you noticed it before now? Chuck wore a wedding ring in the first few seasons, but we noticed he didn't wear one in the last couple of seasons. We are assuming he took it off when he was divorced from his first wife. But we don't really know. He just wasn't wearing a ring anymore. In one of the early shows The Vision, Mark tells his "mother" that his father still wears his ring.

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