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When Lucas is having trouble getting to sleep, we see that his head is close to the right side of the frame. Mark is sleeping in the opposite direction. His head is close to the left side of the frame. But when Mark is awakened the next morning by Lucasí gunshots, he focuses on Lucasí pillow. While Mark is sitting on his bed, Lucasí pillow is almost directly in front of him. Itís not in front of and to the left of him. Lucasí pillow should have been on the opposite end of his bed the next morning. Thatís how he was positioned in the previous scene.
Thanks Ann Marie!

There were four episodes where they reused the footage from Eight Hours To Die ó the part where Lucas rides down the shady lane to find Mark and Judge Burton. First, we see it in The Pet, after Haskins made himself at home in the McCain's house. The next time is Season 4ís Skull when Lucas couldnít find Mark at their camp and rides off looking for him. Then the footage was also used in two episodes from Season 5. In Conflict, watch after Lucas is still disturbed about missing the cougar; he tells Mark heís going into town to see the gunsmith. Also, in Which Way'd They Go? when Lucas is riding off to buy cattle.
Thanks Ann Marie!

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