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Lucas wanted to strike up a bargain with George.  If he would help them finish loading the wagon it would be worth Lucas buying him a meal. George agreed. 
When they finished their meal George thanked Lucas and it seems that George was going his way until Lucas asked him what he was going to do next.
Lucas offered George room & board. When George agreed to work off his keep Lucas told him he could start by loading the wagon.
I thought the meal was for George loading the wagon was their original deal and that was already in the deal when they first met. Cowgirl!

In the part where Lucas  is confronted by Captain Perry and Lucas gets on his horse and tells Micah, "You better try and talk some sense into him Micah." 
The sign on the building behind him reads "Feed and Grain" - Wes Carney - Prop." Cowgirl!

The Angry Man — The footage of the exterior of the MacDonald’s house at night was later reused in The Coward as the exterior of the McCain barn. Thanks Ann Marie!

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