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The Day a Town Slept episode #139 - 1 of 2 pages

(pictures left to right-first row) When Mark looks out of the window (from the vantage point of the second story window) you can see the deputy leaning against the building, with horses to the left of him.
When Mark and (later) Micah are looking out of Micah's window (from the vantage point of the second story window) you see the deputy with no horses tied to the hitching post next to him and in the close up there are no horses. (pictures left to right-second row) Thanks Renewed Fan!

A piddlin' error in this episode - Mark told Micah he was the best Marshal they ever had. Micah ask him how many North Fork Marshal's had he known? Mark says none, except for Micah. Hmmmmm.....He must have been to young to remember Sheriff Fred Thomlinson played by R.G. Armstrong. He was in The Sharpshooter and The Marshal. Do you remember what happened to The Marshal?

In Stranger at Night Micah lived in a house. In Closer than a Brother Micah took a room at He had taken an attic room out at Mrs. Rington's. In Guilty Conscience & The Day a Town Slept Micah lived in an apartment. Cowgirl!

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