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Day of the Hunter episode #55 - 2 of 3 pages

On the left you can see that Lucas has a regular shirt on, not his corduroy one. Notice how high he has it button & as you watch him ride into the ranch his collar is flapping. Later he has on his corduroy shirt. Cowgirl!

Cass shouts out to Lucas "You got 8 shots I only got one."
In the opening sequence where Lucas is walking down the street and shooting at someone or something I count 12 or 13 shots. How is it that the Cass says he has only 8 yet I count 12 or 13? Thanks Brian C. Parnell! 

In Strange Town when Lucas rides into the area with all the pines, tracking Bletch Droshek, it is stock footage from Day of the Hunter. Thanks Ann Marie!

Towards the end of the show when Cass was stocking Lucas, Cass says : You have a 8 shot repeating rifle. Would this just be bad judgment on his part or a blooper? Being he was a hunter and seem pretty knowledgeable in this show. Thanks Larry!

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