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Dead Cold Cash episode #85 - 1 of 3 pages

Near the end of the episode, when Lucas is about to duel with Stacy, there is a horse right behind Stacy which bucks when Stacy is shot - - problem - the horse is not behind Stacy in a couple of camera shots leading up to the duel. Thanks Renewed Fan!

Just before the shootout with Stacey Beldon when Lucas is talking to him, the tall horse that everybody rides is tied to the hitch rack. They flash back to Lucas and then to Stacey and the horse is not there. This is done a couple of times - he's there, he isn't. When guns start blazing, the horse bolts and runs away. Thanks Gloria!

Lucas asked John when the Caruthers' started keeping their money in the strongbox. John said "It's been several years ago, Lucas. I can look it up." Thanks Michelle P.

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