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Deadly Image episode #132 - 1 of 6 pages

Mark and Lucas ride into town together on their horses. Lucas has to "take" Mark to school (don't understand that). Then when he rides home to deal with the deadly image, he rides his horse. But when he finally gets back into town, he has the wagon and takes Mark home in it. So, did Mark get out of school and ride home only to find his father missing, then ride all the way back into town to find him, or is this a blooper? Thanks Michelle Palmer!

In the saloon the bartender throws Bantry a full black bottle of whiskey and the twin catches a third full clear bottle !!!!!
Thanks Mee!

When Bantry and K.C. leave the saloon, K.C. says, "Come on, Earl. We can be miles out of here by dark."
IT IS dark! Thanks Michelle Palmer!

When in the saloon, Earl grabbed Sweeny. The girl next to him at the bar got her arm entangled with Earl's arm in the scene. She left it there for a while then pulled it loose. Don't think that was supposed to happen. Thanks wildwest!

I have a question about the stove. I remember my grandparents having a wood cook stove and that thing got hot and it sat out from the wall. Does Lucas's stove look like it's against the wall in the back and side to anyone else? And most westerns at some time shows them put wood it the stove and fire. I don't recall them ever showing that on The Rifleman. Thanks Dianna!

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