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Deadly Image episode #132 - 3 of 6 pages

Both of these pictures are from The Deadly Image, just a few scenes apart. Notice the back door. There is a towel on the rack on the back door. But the first scene on the left there is nothing on the shelf. But the picture on the right, a few scenes later they have what look like coffee mugs on the shelf.

Also, look on top of the stove and compare both of the above pictures. The top of the stoves on these pictures are different. Cowgirl!

Also hanging on the post is two items. But if you look at the post above on the right, there is nothing on it. Cowgirl!

To the right on the room divider where all the books are you can see a candle stick.
If you look at the one picture above there is no candle stick. Cowgirl!

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