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Deadly Image episode #132 - 5 of 6 pages

When Lucas comes through the door and Earl and Lucas are on a split screen they show Lucas front view and you see the side of Earl (a stand in) it's obviously it's not Chuck cuz you don't see his jaw move when he talks. Same as when Earl is front view. Doesn't look like Lucas's jaw. Thanks markisddg!

I like how we see Earl fire his rifle at that guy after he is accused of killing one of his steers. He fires it like Lucas has never fired the rifle (low with one hand and without a thought) to show that this guy is definitely not Lucas McCain.
Thanks markisddg!

When Mark is at the stove and he hears Lucas riding up why didnít Mark go out the kitchen door since he was right next to it instead of running toward the front door and was caught? Thanks wildwest!

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