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The Deadly Wait episode #26 - 1 of 7 pages

After Lucas was shot Mark brings him to town for the Doc to look at him. Lucas had been lying on the ground for quite a while before Mark found him. Lucas must have lost a lot of blood. I'm surprised Lucas was able to walk all the way into the kitchen at the ranch let alone up the stairs at the hotel. Why would they take Lucas to the hotel and up those steps. Why not take him to the Doc's office which is ground level? Cowgirl!

"North Fork Eagle or North Fork Weekly?"

 Sammy, a member of Tom Birch's gang & Dan Maury are in front of this building called 'North Fork Eagle?'
It really is night time, but I brightened the picture so you could read the sign.

In the second season the newspaper office is call The North Fork Weekly.

It looks like the newspaper office also changed location. Cowgirl!

Dan Maury drinks all day & isn't drunk, apparently he doesn't need any sleep either. Thanks Rob!

This is just a sample of the different types of curtains that was in The North Fork Saloon. If you happen to find a different combination of curtains, I would be glad to add them to this page. Cowgirl!

There is a hitching post outside the North Fork Saloon is The Deadly Wait and  none in Millie's' Brother.  I bet we'll see this a lot!  Cowgirl!

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