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The Deadly Wait episode #26 - 2 of 7 pages

Lucas had just been shot & Mark is hurrying to take him to town. Notice the rein slips from his hand & he just picks it up as if nothing happened and hurries off! Atta boy Mark! Never misses a beat! Cowgirl!

Horse Head Hitch Ornament  In The Marshal you can see a 'Horse Head Hitch Ornament' - In The Deadly Wait and several other episodes there is no 'Horse Head Hitch Ornament.'  Cowgirl!

The Jailbird  I just had to show you guys what I found at the Hardware Store in North Fork..... The 'Horse head Hitch Ornament' that was seen outside of the church in an earlier episode. Now we know what happened to it!  Earlier in this episode this is not here. The saddle & Lucas are in front of the counter. Cowgirl!

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