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The Deadly Wait episode #26 - 4 of 7 pages

During the night, Micah gets up from sitting outside the Marshall’s office to go in and doze off at his desk. Then the shot switches to a faraway exterior of the hotel. One window is illuminated. (They used this exterior footage in many episodes.) Next thing we see is Lucas waking up in his recovery room. As he slowly wakes we see that the room is quite dark. Neither of the two oil lamps are lit. (This is the scene when he goes over to sleep in the chair by the window.)

The next time we see Lucas, he is waking up from dozing off in the chair by the window. Now much more of the room is clearly visible but yet the two oil lamps are still unlit. I don’t get the impression that much time has elapsed between scenes. We don’t see a clock showing 1-2 hours have passed. The street lamps are still illuminated. It’s quite dark out. It’s probably much brighter in the room—artificially lit—just so we could see that Lucas grabbed his rifle and cocked it before leaving the room. Thanks Ann Marie!

We can see that his bloodstained shirt is still on the table by the door. Why didn’t the doctor throw it out? It wouldn’t be worth salvaging. Not to mention the memory attached. I can’t imagine Lucas ever wanting to see that shirt again.
Thanks Ann Marie!

After Micah descends the hotel stairs, Mark addresses Micah as “Marshall”. That’s quite rare—maybe the only time in the whole series. Usually he calls him “Micah.” Thanks Ann Marie!

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