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When Lucas agrees to go talk to Dan, he pauses in front of the saloon doors for a moment. His hand is on the curved middle of the door. In the wide shot, to show him coming into the saloon, his hand is next to the curved area. Also, notice that the background changes between the two shots, from the general store (correct) on the left to that Bon-Ton place on the right (fake).

That Bon-Ton place we saw above the saloon doors in One Went To Denver is visible through the right saloon window in this episode. This time, the fake store front is running perpendicular to the saloon—with the front of it facing the side of the saloon.

As Lucas and Dan Maury talk, Lucas gets fed up and tells Dan to ride out. Dan asks if that is Lucas or his gun talking. Lucas promptly grabs the rifle and shoots a bottle on the table and the mug out of Dan’s hand. But if you listen closely, you only hear ONE rifle shot—when he shoots the bottle—but you hear and see glass breaking TWICE, for the bottle and glass. You can only have one sound effect at a time, I guess.

Also, when the camera angles quickly flip to show Lucas shooting the whiskey bottle and then Dan’s glass, notice that the liquid level in Lucas’ beer mug changes. Additionally, there’s much more foam in the glass in the photo on the right.

Thanks Ann Marie for this page of bloopers!

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