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Death Never Rides Alone episode #147 - 3 of 4 pages

Here we see Lucas & Drago in Drago's hotel room. Notice the window sash lock window sash lock. I don't think the one pictured would have been on a window in the late 1800's. The one in the show probably wouldn't be around until the mid 20th century.

You also can see this window sash lock in The Assailants.
Did they use the same room for both scenes at the hotel? Cowgirl!

 After the guy took Mark's horse and they backed down from the gunfight and rode away, did he ride off on Blueboy or had they switched horses and put Blueboy back in the livery? Thanks Gloria!

I can't tell who's horse Billie Graves wrote out on. They never mention if Mark got his horse back and they never show him getting it back. But would they really let him ride out on Blueboy?

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