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The Debt episode #133 - 1 of 4 pages

This one was a bit TOO obvious. When the fire starts, you see Renolds  filling the canteens. Behind him sit two horses as calm as can be.
Flash to Mark in the burning building screaming for help.
Flash to Renolds filling up the canteens - only one horse. Then he turns and runs to the building, he slaps the one horse still tied there. So...where's Blue Boy??? Thanks Michelle!

After Renolds unties Mark in the burning building, why didnít Mark just jump up and run out on his own. Renolds would have still gotten credit for saving him. Renolds did not have to carry him at this point as his legs were untied. Thanks wildwest!

What I find interesting is that Renolds dumps out the kerosene and then re-fills them. I don't think that taste would go away with just a rinsing. Cowgirl!

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