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Buildings in ghost town are close together....if not attached... "Saloon" in ghost town catches fire....
How come the buildings attached to the "saloon" did not go up in flames? I presume they were constructed of wood and by that time were highly flammable. How did the fire get put out?
Most all the buildings on that side of town should have been a total loss. Thanks Deanne Bertram!

Some weeks ago Dianna thought the torn hat that Mark wore was burned in the fire, which, if so, would constitute a blooper if he later wore it in other episodes. She was not 100% about the fire loss.
Thanks Renewed Fan!

I also made a point of watching this episode again, closely to see if what I thought about his torn hat getting burned up was right. And that's how I take it. His hat falls off in the saloon, then he's rescued from the burning saloon without his hat and afterwards when they're all standing outside-no hat, and when they get on their horses and ride out of the ghost town Mark has no hat on. That was just my opinion of how I saw it, that it did burn. Thanks Renewed Fan for remembering to watch for that, and I see that you think as I do. I too, had made a comment on seeing it reappear on following episodes. Maybe it had become such a trademark for him, they just couldn't really do away with it.
I watched the episode - when Mark was tied up in the saloon and struggling to get free, he loses his hat. He is then rescued from the flaming saloon, without his hat. The remaining two scenes involve Mark, without his hat. So, it would appear that the torn hat was burned up in the fire. Thanks Dianna!

I do agree with what you guys are saying, I just know after that he still had that torn hat. I can't imagine after that fire that the hat would have survived. Good mystery! That's one for the marshal in 'The Bullet' and Deputy Ben." size="2"

Mark's Hat
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