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The Debt episode #133 - 3 of 4 pages

When Renolds stretches his foot out to Micah's bedroll to get the key to the handcuffs, why doesn't he wait until everyone is asleep and then unlock the cuffs. He doesn't give himself much time to escape. I guess he counted on Mark to give him a pass. Thanks markisddg!

How come it's not dark at all? When Lucas and Micah go to the horses how could Mr. Reynolds possibly see that key that fell out of Micah's pocket. If it was a real campsite out in the woods it would be so dark you couldn't see the hand in front of your face.
Thanks markisddg!

Why aren't Mark & Renolds 'sooty' after fighting a fire? Modern fireman need to get some tips...
Thanks velewis!

It was stupid of Reynolds to pour the kerosene on the floor. Why didn't Renolds go outside and pour it?
I know, then no fire scene. Thanks Gloria!

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