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The Debt episode #133 - 4 of 4 pages

When the cougar growls in the tree, it is stock footage from Home Ranch. Thanks Ann Marie!

Kerosene has a really strong odor. Wouldn’t Renolds smell it as he put the canteen up to his mouth, but before taking a drink? He just smelled Mark’s canteen without opening it—and knew there was kerosene in Mark’s too.  Thanks Ann Marie!

When Mark went outside to fill the canteens, why didn’t he just get on a horse and escape. He could have even taken the other horse with him but I guess that would have prevented the ‘ghost town’ scene. Thanks wildwest!

Why didn’t Renolds just carry Mark out of the burning building still bound? There was no need to take any time to untie Mark’s wrists and ankles. Thanks Ann Marie!

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