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The Deserter episode #65

(a) There was no 16th Cavalry in 1883 - they numbered the regular army cavalry regiments 1 to 10 in that era. (b) I heard Lucas refer to a "command post".  What would it have been called in 1883?  A command post would have been called "headquarters".  (c) I didn't know that anyone could read a telegram that you were sending. No privacy laws in those days? As for privacy laws, they did not (strictly speaking) have them, but they did have the Bill of Rights (i.e. search warrants) which was ignored several times in this episode.
Basically, the captain had no authority to arrest Lucas, to declare martial law, etc. But I think the point of the episode was to show that he was totally out of control.
By the way, in the 1870's and 1880's, the US army had a staggering desertion rate (10% or more per year!) and no one was ever executed for desertion (absolutely zero executions for desertion from 1865 to early 1945, when Eddie Slovak was shot. 
Thanks Renewed Fan!

Does anyone have any idea what regiment Lucas was really in during the war?  Just what Indiana Regiment was Lucas in?  What a great job Renewed Fan did on this page. Thank you for all the work and thought you have put into this page!

When the Lieutenant comes to arrest Lucas at the Blacksmith's, a man is rolling a wheel between a man and the Lieutenant and it hits the lieutenant.

Since it's so obvious, could it have possibly been on purpose though? Thanks Michelle!

When Lucas first got to town, Micah invited him over to his office to have some lemonade that Hattie had made for him. They must have gotten lost along the way because they ended up at the saloon for a beer. They originally met in front of the saloon and ended up back at the saloon. Cowgirl!

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