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The Count ordered a Pernod. This is a licorice-flavored liqueur that the French like to serve with water. It's higher in alcohol than anis or anisette. Cowgirl!

Do you see anything strange about this picture of Lucas in the Blacksmith's? There's no roof on the Blacksmith's shop! Cowgirl!

I know, I know... it was a switch from a location shot to a studio shot... but they could have kept the cardboard studio version lower and it would have been less noticeable. But then again, (as noted elsewhere in The Rifleman Ranch Bloopers) this is also where the blacksmith shop suddenly lost its entire ceiling! So a guess the flue didn't matter that much, since with no ceiling it was just suspended from thin-air anyway. Thanks KC!

Also as Mr.Cole's talking to Nils... the blacksmith's flue over his smithing-table comes down to Nils's shoulders --but as Mr.Cole turns and walks away... the flue suddenly retracts several feet up into the air and is now above Nils head! Notice the difference in the flues. Cowgirl!

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